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Dental Hygiene

Our aim at The Dental Centre Ferndown is to promote good dental hygiene. We have two hygienists who are here to help you prevent future problems which may arise from bad oral health.

We recommend regular dental examinations and regular visits to one of our hygienists, as any problems found and treated from the onset will stop severe problems from developing later. We want all of our patients to keep their teeth for their lifetime and we try to ensure that this happens. Even if a patient has already lost a few teeth it is still essential to keep regular hygienist appointments. Some patients, having lost all their teeth previously, visit us in order that we can check for signs of mouth cancer and denture stomatitis.

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Overview of Treatment

  • Dental hygiene treatments
  • Preventative advice
  • Have regular dental checks
  • Maintaining your teeth through hygiene
  • Advanced treatment available

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