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Oral Surgery

If you find that you need comprehensive oral surgery in Dorset, then you want to be working with top professionals and this is what The Dental Centre, Ferndown offers. We are CODE iCOMPLY dentists who follow the GDC guidelines and therefore you can be confident in the quality of surgery that we undertake – and that it is never done unnecessarily.

Comprehensive oral surgery

General dentistry involves many of the procedures that patients need to keep their teeth in good health but sometimes something a little more complex is required. This is where oral surgery comes in – completed by expert oral surgeons, these are procedures where the problem cannot be solved by normal dentistry processes and something different is required.

At The Dental Centre, we have a number of oral surgeons on hand to look at the problems you are having with your teeth, gums and general mouth health. We can assess the nature of the problem using state of the art diagnostic equipment alongside x-rays and then see what we think would be the right approach to solving the problem.

Help to restore your teeth

Oral surgery can sound a bit scary and many of the procedures take place under IV sedation but even those that don’t, we have the option of this for our nervous patients. We can also complete a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures that include dental implants, crowns, bridges and even same day Cerec crowns.

Our aim is to make the process as simple as possible but we also schedule follow up appointments where needed to ensure everything is healing properly and the work has the desired impact. Your long term health is the most important part of any procedure and that’s why we are one of the specialists in our field here in Dorset.


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