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Millions of people around the UK have dentures and if your dentist tells you that this is the best option for you, there’s nothing to worry about. The Dental Centre are experts in dentures in Ferndown, Dorset and can help to fit the perfect dentures to restore your teeth.

Denture solutions

Dentures offer the best way to restore your ability to bite and chew when other cosmetic dentistry treatments have been unsuccessful. The process starts with tooth removal, taking out any teeth that are beyond saving and are causing problems.

Once the mouth has settled down, moulds will be taken to create a customised denture that matches the contours of your mouth. This will include bite moulds and wax models to help you see what the dentures will look like once they are in place. You can even bring photos of how you looked before teeth problems to ensure you restore your appearance as you want it to look.

Support after fitting

Once the dentures have been created and fitted, we don’t abandon you. We know that it can take a bit of time to adapt to wearing dentures and we offer support through the process. You might find speaking and eating is a little strange at first but over a short time, you will get used to it and find that you don’t even remember that you are wearing dentures.

Getting dentures does take a little longer than other procedures but once they are fitted and you are adapted to them, they are with you for as long as you need. We do make follow up appointments to be certain the dentures are working properly and your mouth is comfortable.

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