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We all know how important our teeth are and how distressing and painful it can be if you neglect them. At The Dental Centre Ferndown we know how important this is to our patients.

We provide everything you need to ensure your dental health throughout your life, from regular check-ups to unforeseen emergencies, utilising the most appropriate techniques and treatments, carried out by highly experienced, caring dental surgeons.

That’s what we’ve been doing for more than 70 years. And that’s what we promise to do for you.

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Covid-19 Guidelines

We remain open throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and continue to carry out low risk non-aerosol generated procedures (mainly exams and hand scaling). We are now able to carry out a few planned Aerosol generated procedures following strict Covid-19 guidelines to ensure your safety and the members of our staff.

Please note: Due to need of extra personal protective equipment (PPE) for the staff and the patients we will now be charging an additional £3 per visit for routine dental exams and for handscaling with the hygienist and £10 for aerosol generated procedures.

We appreciate all our customer’s support during this difficult time.

Please take care and keep safe.

Patient Attendance Procedure

This conversation should take place at the screening stage of the patient journey (usually 24 hours before the appointment).

  • The patient should use the toilet before attending the practice
  • The patient should bring their own pen (if they will need to sign paper forms)
  • The patient should only bring minimal belongings into the practice with them
  • The patient should attend alone wherever possible or with one other person if absolutely necessary
  • If the patient requires a chaperone, they should be advised of the practice policy on chaperones
  • The patient can only enter the building at the rear entrance by pressing the bell 10 minutes before the appointment time
  • The patient will be asked to wait for a team member, who is wearing appropriate PPE, and their temperature will be checked (have to be < 37.8°)
  • Patients will be screened using the standard COVID-19 screening questions and if in Category 1, will be advised to self-isolate and immediately leave the Practice.
  • The patient must use the hand sanitizer and put on a disposable mask before entering the reception area. We will provide PPE.
  • We will check the medical history.The patient has to sanitize hands before they use clinipad or pdq machine
  • If necessary, remind patient to comply with the social distancing markers at reception etc.
  • The patient should preferably be escorted directly into the surgery
  • Any patient belongings should be placed in a designated area in plastic boxes which will be disinfected after use
  • Once entering the surgery, the patient is asked to retain their face mask until the end of the appointment
  • At the end of treatment, the patient should leave the room immediately, dispose of PPE in a clinical waste bin and perform hand sanitization using alcohol gel
  • Payment, no cash, pdq machine will be used
  • The patient collects their belongings from the designated area, and is escorted to the practice exit (now through the front door).

Our Dental Plan

Why not make your dentistry affordable, so not being lumbered with a large bill, by spreading the cost over the year. We have a number of plans to choose from. See what benefits yourself and speak to The Dental Centre to discuss in more detail. Also one of the key advantages of our Membership Plan is the 10% discount available on any additional dentistry needed during the plan term.
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Our Team

Find out more about our experienced team of dental surgeons and oral hygienists at The Dental Centre Ferndown. We are proud of our team and their dedication to making sure that the customer is relaxed and comfortable and getting the best service we offer.They are always please to help if you have any questions.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is a tooth makeover to help you feel confident and proud of your smile. At The Dental Centre, Ferndown, we offer a range of treatments that will help common dentistry issues and get your teeth back to a really excellent state.

Nervous Patient

If you have a fear of visiting the dentist, then we are here to help. Anxiety is a common problem for patients and one that we can help you overcome at The Dental Centre, Ferndown.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is an effective way of restoring the natural colour of teeth and is one of the cosmetic dental treatments that we offer. Teeth whitening procedures will help you feel more confident about your teeth and your smile.

Dental Veneers

One of the main concerns with food and drink is that it can cause discolouration to our teeth. Teeth can also suffer chipping from certain foods, so one of the best solutions for both problems is dental veneers. We can offer you effective treatment.