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Fee schedule of Nigel Stribling & Associates in Ferndown

New patient consultation  
New patient consultation £65
Full case assessment £210
Adult routine exam £40
Child routine exam
Further consultation  
For more advanced work to include full mouth x-ray, study models, treatment plan, estimate and letter £200
Routine examination  
Diagnosis, gum assessment and simple cleaning from £41
Examination and 2 small x-rays £70
Panoral (large) x-ray £45
Small x-ray £15 each
Plaque removal, gum treatment, oral hygiene. Instructions and preventive health care advice £59standard
  £95 extensive
  £118 per double
Amalgam or white composite
£33 to £183
Root canal treatment  
Including diagnostic x-rays (this does not include the filling or crown that goes on top of the root treatment) from £290
Crown and bridgework  
Crowns from £510
Veneers from £472
Inlays from £472
complete full upper and full lower from £920
partial acrylic denture from £470
full upper or lower acrylic
from £610
partial upper and lower chrome from £790
 from £131
Relines  from £141
Extraction from £95
Emergency appointment from £70
Out of hours emergency call out charge £80

Please note all fees with principal dental surgeon are 10% higher than those shown above

Denplan Essentials option

Under the Denplan Essentials option, patients only pay £20.47 per month.

What we offer under the Denplan Essentials option:

  • Routine and preventative dental care from your dentist
  • Dental examinations (up to the maximum as detailed in your contract)
  • Dental x-rays
  • Tooth scaling and polishing or other hygiene treatment (up to the maximum as detailed in your contract)
  • Preventative dental advice
  • No assessment appointment required
  • 10% discount on all other private fees

Supplementary insurance

As part of the Denplan Essentials scheme, you will receive supplementary insurance which includes:

  • Worldwide emergency cover
  • Dental injury cover (up to £10,000 per incident)
  • Temporary emergency treatment when in the UK (up to £400 per incident. Total limit payable is £800 per calendar year)
  • Temporary emergency treatment when overseas (up to £400 per incident. Total limit payable is £800 per calendar year)

If you would like to find out more about our Denplan Care scheme, please feel free to get in touch with us. We are always happy to assist you.


We offer payment plans, such as:

  • Denplan Care scheme
  • Denplan Essentials scheme
  • Denplan Membership Scheme

To book an appointment with us, please call
01202 873 263

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